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Rugged OtterBox Defender Series Galaxy Note 3 case

how do i get case open

This is the easiest way for me to remove the case.
Peel off the Rubber outer shell.

1. Put your Right thumb in the opening for the power button. Keep it there until all 3 latches on the right side of the case are unlatched.
2. Start with the large tab on the right side and unlock it first. Using your Right Ring finger, unlatch it.
2. Now use the fingernail on your Right index finger to unlatch the small tab on the top-right of the case.
3. Now grip the phone with your right hand and use your Left index finger to unlatch the tab on the bottom-right of the case.
4. Lift the right side of the case away from the phone and unlatch the tab at the top of the phone.
5. Now unlatch the tab at the bottom of the case.
6. Finish by pulling the case to the left like you are opening a book.
2 years, 1 month ago
Denver, CO