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    February 28, 2011
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 HTC Desire HD/HTC Inspire 4G Defender Series Case
HTC Desire HD/HTC Inspire 4G Defender Series Case
This HTC Desire and Inspire 4G case by OtterBox is part of our totally rugged Defender Series line. Get fully interactive, serious protection for your HTC Desire HD or Inspire 4G today!


What is the difference exactly in toughness between the commuter series and the defender series?
And how does the display protection of the defender series compare to zagg's invisible shield? Zagg's invisible shield is almost impossible to get a scratch or a mark on. What about the defender series of otterbox? I mean, since you say I can't have both on my phone ("not compatible" you said earlier in an answer to a question) I have to choose somehow. ;-)
4 years, 11 months ago
Kalix, Sweden