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 Samsung Galaxy S2 Commuter Series Case
Samsung Galaxy S2 Commuter Series Case
This case ONLY fits the International Samsung I9100 Galaxy S II Your new Galaxy S2 is beautiful, vivid, fast and thin. You want to keep it that way, right? That's why OtterBox designed the Commuter Series for Samsung Galaxy S2 (International ONLY) . This sleek case was made for those of you who want OtterBox protection without the excess bulk. The Commuter Series has it all: A slim form factor, touch screen protection, a silicone mid-layer with plugs for your ports and a tough, smooth outer shell. The perfect case design to compliment your new, ultra-thin phone.

Is it true that this commuter case does not work with the Sprint version?

I was told by Sprint store that the commuter case will not work with their model of the Galaxy s 2. Apparently Sprints version is model I 9200, the case you have is for model with sku I 9100. Please help me, as I feel you make the only case worthy of this phone!!
4 years, 4 months ago