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    December 22, 2011
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 iPad 2 Defender Series Case
iPad 2 Defender Series Case
The iPad 2 Case Defender Series from OtterBox is part of our most rugged line of cases, utilizing multi-layer technology and designed to withstand just about any environment. Don't worry about losing any access or functionality with the Defender Series iPad 2 Case; we've designed it so you can use all of the iPad's features right through the case. The iPad 2 Case is built with an inner polycarbonate shell that has a foam interior to protect the back of your iPad from scratching, while the durable silicone skin works its magic by absorbing shock. The clip-on touch screen cover has a fold-out stand that offers up a convenient viewing and typing experience! Please note: The Defender Series iPad 2 case is NOT compatible with the optional iPad 2 dock.
Overall Rating: 
4  /  5
4  /  5
Eager to try for myself
Date:December 22, 2011
Location: Alberta
Age: 35-44
Gender: male
4  /  5
4  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
4  /  5
4  /  5
Well I read all the reviews on the iPad 2 defender an well humming an haaaaaing, I thought well if I don't like it I don't have to use it now do I.. Well it's been on for a few hours an well, I like the feel of it, I like the look of it, there are a couple mods I plan on making to stabilize the earphone cover, the screen cover would be nice as the iPhone has, but not necessary as that's why we can purchase new screen protectors.. All my buttons are easily depressed an accessed.. As for the corners of screen not being protected? Somebody is whinney about that, as I look at it & I say every corner is protected as well the backside, the frontside with the cover on is somewhat protected, off the only thing saving my precious ipad 2 is my sesitive love and kindness, there is a bit of a lip around it to recess the screen into the cover itself. love the non slip wrapping that surrounds the sides and back, I would imagine cleaning would be well for three of the pieces in warm soapy water with a light scrub using a soft cloth.. As for the soft shell casing an even lighter scub, the internal clear backside piece would have a better life just wiped as the cushin that's on there to soften any accidents may become soggy or detach from the cover. Ruining the case. Otherwise yes Everything could be designed differently for sure like a Lamborghini there is a owner who customized parts of his ride.. So as for the otter box I will do the same, one man made it and I plan on making it better.. Lol.. (1) is Like I said the reinforcement of the rubber piece which covers earphone jack. Hint to whoever wants to do the same, "a thin piece of aluminum and crazy gel, about 1/2" across and half the width of a Popsicle stick.. (2) is The front screen will be reinforced with a soft rubber between the hard plastic shell and the screen as to keep from repeated rubbing and/or scuffing off one another including around the home button.. Other than that, I love this otterbox as it is a pretty sweet " plan B " protection, what's " plan A " protection "YOU" wonder??? Its exactly that "YOU" are the initial line of defense for anything you own, tire manufacturers may say there the best in this an on that, but if you drive like a mad teenager well it ain't gona matter what your runnin on, cause your headed down a path to destruction.. Respect what you have and the outcome will be a little less devastating, i am understanding accidents do happen and this is life. Sometimes if it weren't for bad luck we wouldn't have any right!!! I have a multitude of cases because I get bored easily and like change, instead of wearing out a good thing if ya know what I mean.. Peace out comes from peace within, enjoy it cause this dog is certainly enjoying his..
Pros: sweet design looks ruff an tough fully consealed, love the feel of backside
Cons: earphone jack needs tweaking, should be rubber guard against screen and shell, should cover front screen protector w/same rubber
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