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iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS Defender Series Case by OtterBox
Overall Rating: 
5  /  5
5  /  5
Excellent case
Date:June 26, 2012
Location: Mobile, Alabama
Age: 55-65
Gender: male
5  /  5
5  /  5
4  /  5
4  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
I have used the Otterbox case with my 3G, 3GS and now my 4S. I kept my last phone in the case for a year or more. When I traded the phone in for a new one the old phone had no scratches and looked almost new. While the case is bulky the extra protection is worth the bulk. The only peeves with the the 3G/GS case is: the lack of color choices (although black was fine with me my wife wanted a brighter color choice) and that a screen protector was needed to prevent the wet look between the case screen and the phone screen. I am pleased to see that that problem was solved on the 4S covers. I have consistently recommended the case to others that use the Iphone and other models.
Pros: High quality, Durable
Cons: lack of color choices
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