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 Nokia Lumia 920 Commuter Series Case
Nokia Lumia 920 Commuter Series Case
With two layers of protection against bumps and drops, the Commuter Series case for the Nokia Lumia 920 keeps you on the go without weighing you down. A sturdy silicone inner layer fits snugly around the device. The polycarbonate outer layer slips around the silicone, making the Lumia 920 tough enough for the abuse you'll give it, but still sleek enough to slide in and out of your pockets. Get the kind of protection that inspires confidence with the sleek Nokia Lumia 920 Commuter Series case by OtterBox. Looking for more robust protection? Check out our Defender Series Nokia Lumia 920 case .

Does it still allow for wireless charging of the phone?

The new Nokia phones support the Qi wireless charging of the phones, I like this cover but want to still use the wireless charging plate.
3 years, 2 months ago