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    March 2, 2013
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    March 2, 2013
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The Defender Series case for the iPad 2, iPad 3 and iPad 4 is built for those of us on-the-go, have children or are generally graceless with electronics.
Overall Rating: 
5  /  5
5  /  5
Withstands a 2 year old terror
Date:March 2, 2013
Location: San Antonio, TX
Age: 35-44
Gender: female
5  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
We purchased this iPad3 case after having our iPad for less then 2 weeks and our son dropped and broke it on our ceramic tiled floors. Thank goodness for Apples plus insurance. After replacing our iPad we quickly bought this amazing otterbox case seeing our previous case (not otterbox) was garbage. We have had it for a year now and we could seriously do a commercial for this case. Our son has dropped the ipad face down on the tile, put it on a slide, spilled water on it, hit it, stepped and danced on top if it (he's about 38 lbs). Believe me when I tell you our iPad doesn't have a scratch on it. You might wonder with all our little taz has done to it why we have let him continue to play with it ... Two things, he loves and learns so much with the wonderful apps and a HUGE second reason is because of this awesome otter box case! We know it will FULLY protect our iPad against anything our little guy will put it through.
We have recommended this case over and over to friends, family and strangers who have seen our little guy drop it while we are out.
To say this was a great buy is an understatement.
Pros: Durable
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