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The Defender Series BlackBerry Z10 case is built to stand up to the constant use and abuse it’s sure to get.
Overall Rating: 
1  /  5
1  /  5
Recommend this? Not in my lifetime!
Date:May 31, 2013
Location: Louisiana, USA
Age: 35-44
Gender: male
1  /  5
1  /  5
1  /  5
1  /  5
1  /  5
1  /  5
I bought this case the same day as i bought Z10, cos i have previously bought the Defender Series with other phones i've had over time. But THOSE cases worked perfectly, which is why i bought this one. I cannot tell you how many times my phone has fallen out of the case while i was working. I EVEN LOST IT ONE TIME WHILE WORKING!!!!
I cannot tell you how severely irritated i am that this stupid case does NOT work! It just does not hold the phone. I have more to say, but i can't put it here, as there is language i would like to use, but i'm a christian. And NONE of it is possitive!
Cons: Low quality, Not durable, waste of money, useless
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