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 Galaxy S4 Vibrant Screen Protector
Galaxy S4 Vibrant Screen Protector
The Samsung Galaxy S4 has one of the largest displays available on a smartphone. Ensure your screen is protected for all of the use your Galaxy S4 is sure to get. The Clearly Protected Vibrant screen protector for Galaxy S4 provides high-strength protection from scratches, impact and scrapes to the glass display. Made of self-healing polyurethane, this glossy material will protect while preserving the vibrancy and sharpness of this incredible display. It preserves touch screen sensitivity and is easy to install with a 100% dry application. A proprietary anti-air bubble technology ensures your screen is bubble free and should you need it, this glossy screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is backed by a lifetime warranty. Enjoy innovative protection and the full brilliance of the incredible display on your Galaxy S4.

Can I use this screen protector along with a Commuter series case? :)

2 years, 9 months ago