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 iPhone 4/4S Defender Series with iON Intelligence
iPhone 4/4S Defender Series with iON Intelligence
Double your iPhone's battery capacity and protect it in a rugged multi-layered case with the iPhone 4/4S battery case by OtterBox.
Overall Rating: 
4  /  5
4  /  5
Solid and Advanced Battery Case
Date:June 3, 2013
Gender: male
4  /  5
4  /  5
5  /  5
5  /  5
3  /  5
3  /  5
This is the best battery case that I have seen or read about since they have become widely available. The combination of protection and power is unique.
Protection: This case feels like it can protect my phone much better than my old Commuter Series, but it seems slightly less protective than the original Defender. This is probably due to the fact that it is heavier but still has the same amount of padding/protective material. The screen protector is good and close to the screen so you hardly know it is there. I have dropped it a few times without any damage to the phone or case. The place where you plug the case in can also easily scratch from any USB cable you use (Not very important).
Battery: The battery capability was slightly lower than I expected, but it is still plenty for my needs. I can go two days without charging it if I pay a little attention. I like the fact that you can turn the case completely off if you want so you can almost manually control the charging. The case is also much lighter than I expected! The one bad thing about the battery physically is that the LED lights on the front seem very bright.
Other/Otter (Its funny): The case seems very well built but I had major issues with the other things in the box. The included micro USB seemed very nice and heavy duty when I got it, but after just one charge overnight, it stopped working. At first the case and phone would act erratically when plugged it (Not charging both, on and off charging, charging only the case.). I tried a different USB cable and it worked fine. Very disappointing that after less than 48 hrs after I opened the box the cable stopped working. Also, the instructions are simply pictures and only provide info on how to install the case, not use it.
Overall, the case is very good but beware of the other things inside the box.
Pros: High quality, Durable, lightweight, good battery, ease of use, fits well
Cons: low quality cord, very bright lights, small scratches when charging
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