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Build your own iPhone 6/6s case with the rugged Defender Series case from OtterBox. Get free shipping and 1 year warranty when you buy from
Overall Rating: 
2  /  5
2  /  5
Swing and a miss
Date:September 22, 2014
Location: Salem, OR
Age: 25-34
Gender: male
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Just received my otterbox today and it is very underwhelming. I have had lots of otterboxes in the past and have always been more than pleased, however they sorely missed the mark on this one.
The case is longer than the phone by almost a 1/16th of an inch. I have not experienced any problems with the screen protector fitting as other mentioned.
Holes are not lined up anywhere on the case. after only having it in use for 3 hours the inside of the case had already collected a substantial amount of dust.
The lower volume button makes contact with the case, as does the sleep/sake button which is very concerning given the amount of play inside the case.
The hole for the speakers is nowhere close to being centered.
The hole for the audio input and noise cancellation mic is even more off. But to make it worse, when the silicon is on the opening is WAY to large and leaves the audio jack almost completely exposed to the elements.
The lightning port is aligned well but the silicon cover is poorly hinged which causes you to force it past it's desired hing point to plug in
The apple logo is not centered either. Has no affect on performance but further shows poor workmanship.
The cover for the home button seems extremely flimsy and I have no faith it will last long. I cannot comment on how well it works with the finger ID as I do not use that feature.
The belt clip is by far the worst part. It is very flimsy and does not adequately cover the phone at all. It is quite difficult to holster the phone one handed while on the move as there is very little actually holding the phone. I am afraid I will drop the phone every time I put it in the clip. I have no confidence this will last.
I'm sure they went of a spec sheet from apple, but it is disappointing that they released such an inferior product at such an outrageous price. Had I not ordered this directly from otterbox website I would have thought it was counterfeit. It is certainly not worth what I paid. Unfortunately otterbox is the only major case maker with a product out for the iphone 6. As soon as other companies releases their case I will be witching to theirs. I am very unsatisfied.
Pros: it exists
Cons: Low quality, Not durable, belt clip is a joke, poor design, poor dust protection, looks counterfeit
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Luckyr's Questions
 iPhone 4/4S Defender Series with iON Intelligence
iPhone 4/4S Defender Series with iON Intelligence
Double your iPhone's battery capacity and protect it in a rugged multi-layered case with the iPhone 4/4S battery case by OtterBox.

Will this still allow me to sync my phone with my computer?

Is it possible to sync the phone to a computer while still in the case or does it need to be removed first?
2 years, 6 months ago