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Only on can you get a new multi-angle stand for your Defender Series iPad mini and iPad mini with Retina display case.

I have an new mini ipad. Do I need a front and back cover or does it already come as a set?

Do you recommend the Retina protection?
You need the rubbery inner shell (the "slip cover"). Then there's a hard plastic shell that goes around that ("Lid/Base", I think). It snaps around the rubber slip cover. We also ordered a third component (Shield Stand Assembly, I think, though it was confusing) that can either snap around the back while you're using the iPad, or you can remove it (with some difficulty, since it's tight) and snap it on the front to protect the screen when not in use. The problem with that design is that the 3rd piece is a pain, and since it's not attached, I tend to set mine aside. (it's lost right now). And the case is not comfortable to hold for extended times.
2 years ago
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