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    January 11, 2014
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    January 11, 2014
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Protect your iPhone with the Commuter Series iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 cover from OtterBox. Sleek enough to slide into your pocket but tough enough to toss into your bag.
Overall Rating: 
4  /  5
4  /  5
Great Case (except)
Date:January 11, 2014
Location: Rockford, IL
Age: Over 65
Gender: male
5  /  5
5  /  5
3  /  5
3  /  5
4  /  5
4  /  5
I love this case...but one problem surfaced soon after I placed it in service. There is a weak point in the polycarbonate outer layer and that is the small piece of material just above the phones sync cable receptacle. Mine broke after a few weeks use. Customer support has been excellent and a replacement is on the way. Honestly though, I would expect the replacement to fail also, but time will tell. The unit is a bit difficult to install but once done it fits like the proverbial glove. I am a bit embarassed to say that I have to lick the phone and both Otterbox components to get all in place (sounds crazy but works great). I fussed with the included screen protector but soon gave up; just could not get rid of the bubbles. I think a wet application product would be the way to go on this one. I simply use the phone as is and do not anticipate damaging the screen while in my jeans pocket. Other that that, this case is a really good choice.
Pros: great value, looks good, will survive a fall
Cons: tough to install, one weak area
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